Site Rules

Website Terms of Use

1.1 The website (e-shop) (hereinafter - belongs to Egidijus Burzdikas (coins) and Vytautas Jasas (numismatic accessories). is administered by Vytautas Jasas VAT payer code LT100013809019 (hereinafter - Administrator).

1.2 These Terms of Use of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”) are a written document that is considered an agreement between and you (hereinafter referred to as Visitor) regarding the use of the Website, as well as the Rules that all Visitors must follow when visiting and/or using all and/or any of the services provided by, including Visitors who have not completed the registration procedure.

1.3 In these Rules, the term “use of” is understood to mean the performance of all and any actions when the Visitor connects to via electronic communication networks using a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.), and the term “services” - is understood as the performance of all and any actions of Visitor, which he can perform on the website, including browsing (viewing, reading content, etc.) around, submitting questions using a special module installed on the website, registering, ordering goods, writing comments and all other actions on the Site.

1.4 By using in any way and form, Visitor unconditionally and irrevocably undertakes to comply with all the requirements set out in these Rules. If Visitor does not agree to unconditionally and irrevocably assume and comply with all obligations set forth in these Rules, Visitor loses the right to use the services of

1.5 has the right to unilaterally amend and/or supplement these Rules at any time. Changes and/or additions to the Rules shall take effect after their publication on the Website. If Visitor continues to use the services of after the announcement of the amendments and/or additions to the Rules, it is considered that he/she unambiguously agrees with all the amendments and/or additions to the Rules. If Visitor does not agree with the amended and/or supplemented Rules, he/she loses the right to use services.

1.6 Matters not covered by these Rules are governed by other rules, agreements or other documents available on the Website. By using the services of in any way and form, Visitor unconditionally and irrevocably undertakes to comply with all the requirements set out in the documents. If Visitor does not agree to unconditionally and irrevocably assume and comply with all obligations set forth in the documents, Visitor loses the right to use the services of

2. and Visitors rights and obligations

2.1. has the right at any time, without prior notice, to limit or suspend Visitor's access to the website and/or services for an indefinite period and without giving a reason.

2.2. reserves the right at any time, without notifying Visitor, to change the services or their separate parts, all and any of their content, functions, any information, including that provided by Visitor, etc. Visitor understands and agrees that will never be held liable for any adverse consequences for Visitor caused by such and other similar actions and refuses to make any claims to regarding such actions.

2.3. The parties agree that has the right to terminate the website completely at any time without prior notice.

2.4. Visitor has the right to refuse to use the services at any time by deleting his/her data in the manner specified on the website:

2.4.1 Personal data, order history can be deleted by logging in to your account and send us email to to request delete all personal data collected in the store. All personal data will be destroyed  within 24 hours (User account, name, order history, addresses)

2.5. When using the services of, Visitor must observe and not violate the established norms of conduct and morality, do not violate the requirements of legal acts and the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, including legal acts regulating intellectual property protection, personal data protection, advertising regulation and others.

2.6. When using services, Visitor is prohibited from:

2.6.1. use the website and services in a way that may endanger the proper functioning of the services, their security, integrity or restrict the access of other persons to the services;

2.6.2. when registering on the Website, select and/or use such username and/or part of the e-mail address that may be considered obscene, pornographic, offensive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory or in violation of legal requirements;

2.6.3. impersonate any other person or entity, including otherwise misrepresenting your affiliation with any person;

2.7. In addition to the above, Visitor undertakes not to use services:

2.7.1. to perform any act that could harm any person, their property or legitimate interests;

2.7.2. the dissemination of information or other similar content that is prohibited by law, offensive, deceptive, threatening, infringing on the rights of individuals;

2.7.3. infringing the intellectual property rights of individuals, including proprietary copyrights, patents, trade or industrial secrets, or trademark rights;

2.7.4. advertising the promotion of any goods and/or services, as well as any unsolicited emails, messages, messages or other content.

2.8. and Visitor agree that in the event that Visitor violates any of the provisions of these Rules, acquires the right at any time to fully or partially restrict Visitor's ability to use the Website and/or all or any service in any way.

2.9. Visitor understands and agrees that if he/she wishes to receive a paid service, he/she must first pay Egidijus Burzdikas for the paid services in accordance with the procedure specified by

2.10. Visitor understands and agrees that does not control the content of other Visitors or third parties that Visitor may receive, read or otherwise learn using the services, so does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity and/or quality of such content.

2.11. If Visitor has given his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, then he/she understands and agrees that using the services Visitor may receive unlimited information, advertising and other content provided by Administrator or third parties. Such content may be sent in any and all ways, according to any contact details provided by Visitor during the registration process. Visitor has the right to revoke the above consent.

2.12. Visitor understands and agrees that all personal information of Visitor (including, but not limited to personal data) and all content provided by him in any way using the services may be stored by Administrator throughout the visit to the website and for another 3 (three ) year, counting from the last visit of Visitor (buyer) to the website Personal data may be processed for a longer period of time, if required by the laws or other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

2.13. Visitor understands that he/she, and not, is responsible for all and any content that Visitor sends, views, holds or distributes using the services.

3. Registration of visitors and protection of personal data

3.1. You can use or have the opportunity to fully use services only after completing the registration procedure. The registration procedure is performed by clicking the appropriate link on the website, filling in all mandatory fields of the registration form (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, login password (hereinafter - Data)) and, at Visitor's choice, filling in the optional fields by submitting data about himself to Administrator.

3.2. In all cases and without prior notice, Administrator has the right to cancel Visitor's registration and destroy all Data received during Visitor's registration procedure.

3.3. During the registration procedure, Visitor undertakes to provide only correct and complete Data. and Visitor agree that will perform all its duties and exercise its rights in accordance with the presumption that Data provided by Visitor is correct and complete. In no event will be held liable for any damage caused to Visitor and/or third parties due to the fact that Visitor provided incorrect and/or incomplete Data or did not change or supplement Data as they changed.

3.4. Visitor is categorically prohibited from assuming the identity of other persons, indicating the foreign name, surname and/or other Data. In case of non-compliance with the above requirements, Administrator has the right to immediately and without prior notice prohibit the use of services and, if there are reasonable suspicions that Visitor has caused or may have caused damage to, to transfer to third parties and/or public interest available Data on such Visitor to the competent state authorities.

3.5. Visitor unconditionally undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of Data and not to disclose it to third parties and to ensure that no third parties may use Data to use services and/or for other purposes. Visitor is responsible for any actions of third parties, if they were performed using Visitor's Data, all duties and responsibilities arising from or related to the actions of third parties performed using Visitor's Data are the sole responsibility of Visitor.

3.6. Visitor unconditionally agrees and unequivocally confirms that only he/she, and not, is responsible for the protection and confidentiality of Data required for Visitor to log in to or otherwise use the Services.

3.7. Visitor unconditionally and irrevocably agrees that Administrator will process any personal data or other information provided by Visitor and use such information only for the purposes of enforcing these Rules, providing services, direct marketing and statistics and other purposes.

3.8. The provisions governing the protection of personal data are set out in Data Protection Rules which are set out on this website. By using the services of, Visitor unconditionally and unambiguously agrees with the provisions of Privacy Protection Rules.

4. Ordering goods from

4.1. Visitor can find the goods he/she wants to order in the electronic catalog of goods (hereinafter - E-catalog). All goods in E- catalog are arranged by categories. Visitor must click on goods name to see a more detailed description of a particular product. reserves the right to change the goods, their descriptions, prices, etc. in E-catalog at any time without notifying Visitor. All goods in E-catalog can be ordered for purchase.

4.2 Visitor understands that there may be rare cases on the website when the prices and/or quantities of the goods indicated at the time of placing the order were incorrect and it is impossible to purchase them under the specified conditions. Visitor unconditionally agrees with this possible risk of non-fulfillment of the order and with the right of to terminate the execution of such orders by applying restitution - refund to Visitor all amounts of money received from him/her and reimbursing the costs of order confirmation incurred by Visitor.

4.3. The prices of all goods are indicated in euros. The delivery price of the goods and the order execution (administration) fees are not included in the said price of the goods and depend on the total amount of the order and/or the chosen delivery/payment method.

4.4. Visitor has selected the product in E- catalog and decided to order it, can do it by clicking on a special badge with the inscription "ADD TO CART". By clicking "ADD TO CART", the product is added to the list of goods ordered by Visitor - "Cart". Visitor can view his/her goods in the cart and edit their content, i.e. add new goods to the list, change the quantities of goods or remove existing goods, calculate the total price of selected goods, etc.

4.5. To order the goods in the "Shopping Cart", Visitor can do so by clicking on a special badge with the words "Go to payment". If Visitor has already registered in website, he/she must perform the procedure of joining to If Visitor has not registered, he/she must click on the badge with the inscription “Buy as a guest” (goods can be ordered without registration) or register to website  Registration and goods ordering procedure is completely secure in our website. strictly adheres to the requirements of personal data protection and security. The provisions governing the protection of personal data are set out in Data Protection Rules which are set out on this website.

4.6. IMPORTANT. Coins and numismatic accessories are ordered separately from each other and sent separately. 

4.7. When ordering the goods, Visitor must indicate the address to which the goods must be delivered and choose the method of payment for the goods. By indicating the address and choosing the method of payment, Visitor may also submit his/her comments, including whether he/she will need an invoice. After filling in and confirming the order form, an information letter will be sent to Visitor by e-mail with all the information needed to confirm the order and a unique order identification number. This letter must be kept by Visitor as it is proof of the order made by Visitor. Visitor confirms and understands that the conclusion of the order does not cause any consequences and obligations for either party until it is confirmed in the manner specified on the website or in the confirmation letter (by making a full or partial payment, confirming with a loyalty card, etc.).

4.8. Visitor understands and agrees that when concluding an order, Purchase and Sale Agreement is concluded between him/her and, the conditions of which are provided in the ordering window before the order is placed, as well as in the ordering information letter, together with a possible Purchase and Sale Agreement conditions.

4.9. After completing the order, Visitor can confirm and make the payment by bank transfer, indicating the order identification number in the purpose of payment. It is also possible to pay in cash by withdrawing the order from the hands.

4.10. Afterreceiving the payment, confirms the Visitirs order and begins to fulfill its obligations,stipulated in the Order Agreement. The products are shipped within the term specified in there descriptions,which is calculated from the moment the order is processed. The Visitor understands and agrees that does not control the sent order and is not responsible for the delivery of the order to customer. The Visitor is informed about the  dispatch of the order by e-mail.